• Shashank shekhar Dubey

What is the purpose of life?

If you are asking this question then it means that your life has a higher purpose. What does it mean? I generally draw conclusions about how nature has made us or the “natural” way of our life from the animals and particularly wild animals as they remain in touch with nature and live with actual free will, without the pressure of “morals and ethics of the society”.

Recently, I read the news about three zebra calves brought to a zoo in Lucknow from Israel. One day suddenly one of the zebras got excited due to some unknown reason and started jumping. It got hit in the head and this led to a shock due to which he suffered a heart attack and died. Does anything sound weird here? A zebra or any other animal dying due to heart attack is usually an unheard thing, at least it was for me until now. But it's a very common reason for humans dying at all ages.So what's going on here?

The incident led me to think that it means the animals are also capable of suffering from heart attack, but they usually don’t. An animal’s life revolves around finding food, eating, sleeping and reproducing. An animal doesn’t ask questions beyond these like “what is the purpose of my life?”. If we ask this question then it means that we are made in such a way where our life has something more to do than eat, sleep and sex. This is where I say that our life has a higher purpose. The higher purpose does not mean that you have to do something that gives you money or fame and you emerge as a unique personality in the world. Doing that might not even serve the purpose we are talking about, afterall there are “celebrities” who commit suicide at the epitome of their success. Hence there is something else which we need to do which gives us satisfaction we are looking for, and that would define the higher purpose of our life.

P.S.: Nobody can define the purpose of your life, but your search for satisfaction.

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